Innovation Team Course

Microsoft Whiteboard

School : SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49
Date : 26th August 2020
Usergroup : Innovation Team
Technologies : Microsoft Whiteboard
Supported WSE aspects : 1.2.2 Communication system, 1.2.3 ICT

26th Aug, as a part of the innovation team course. we look at how Microsoft Whiteboard can be used as an effective tool to annotate and act as a substitution tool to replace mahjong paper or to convert regular projector to an interactive content and easily annotate and create remarks for discussion contents. By using Digital drawing tablet, user are able to annotate and scribe on the digital board to discuss and annotate the contents. Skillsets learn includes the use of all the tools in Microsoft Whiteboard, insert pages, documents into whiteboard and annotate it. Export to Teams directly and as images. We also looks at Google Jamboard as similar option as Microsoft Whiteboard do need Microsoft 10 as the minimum requirement and Google Jamboard is a viable options for the technology.