Featured CaseStudy

Sammamish High School

” Within a few weeks of the school year, almost all of our 79 teachers were using OneNote Class Notebooks to deliver and organize learning materials. A few months later para-educators were all using OneNote to provide individualized support to students. Six months into this year, our students tell us that they can’t imagine life without OneNote. I’ll be excited to share more about how our teaching and learning continues to transform as a result of PBL and OneNote. Thanks to the OneNote team and the work of educators like Rob Baker who pioneered teaching with OneNote. “

On the second day of school we distributed laptops with digital ink capacity to all of our students. Within a few weeks we canceled all orders of paper for the copy machines.

Bear Creek Middle School

” The month of May was a historic month for Bear Creek and the Fulton County Schools district. Bear Creek became the first school within the district to certify its entire instructional staff as Microsoft Innovative Educators. During the training series, the teachers focused on five major tools: OneNote, Office Mix, Sway, Skype, and Office Forms. Each teacher was required to submit “MIE Artifacts” in the school-wide PD OneNote staff notebook to earn their certification badges. This gave teachers the opportunity to share resources and collaborate throughout the year. “I feel the MIE cohort was great … and it allowed me to reach the needs of my students,” said an 8th grade Math Teacher at Bear Creek. “

Lynbrook Public Schools

” Spanish students have been using the audio and video recording tools in their Class Notebooks. This has helped our students not only practice their conversational Spanish, but sharing their recordings in Class Notebook with others has motivated students to provide their best work. There is a bigger audience listening. As their teacher enthusiastically stated, “I can easily asses all students’ speaking progress without having to dedicate an entire period to listening to each student one-on-one. It saves a lot of class time and allows me to do more with them!” “

Bellevue International School

” We are science “doers.” We learn by doing. Watch any toddler figure out the world around them: they try, experiment, re-try and then show us what they have learned. The same applies to us and our students. Using collaborative technology, 7th-grade students became not only teachers but creators, role models and collaborators. The 1st-grade students were not only our inspiration but also our selective consumers, providers of feedback and our collaborators as well. Once we try something for ourselves, we master what we learn by showing or explaining it to others. Students are excellent teachers, and when students have technology as a tool, they are immeasurably creative when it comes to teaching others. Kids get a kick out of watching, reacting and listening to their voices. It’s a powerful tool for learning. “