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The challenge is to come up with a problem statement they face in their school’s routine/task and propose ideal solution to that problem. During the online presentations, teachers are able to see their colleague’s ways of interpreting problems into solutions by using the technology. The skillset and knowledge are needed to be put into application to act as a measure on their understanding. We are also able to see the level of their understanding in using the technology and even see how creative the team members are in manipulating the technology to cater their ideal solution. Since the challenge is designed around competition nature, the members are seen to be keen and do the extra mile in learning more on the technology to finesse their solution. 

1st Innovation Challenge at SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49

1st place winner- Cikgu Hj Fairul and Cikgu Shamsul

Their proposed solution was to develop digital School’s Daily Logbook to substitute the book which they currently are using. In the video they explain the list of problems that they are currently faced by using the existing logbook such as misplace, missing, slow and need extra effort to type and edit the logbook. They also refer to the WSE during the design process to make sure it tick the checklist in the high expectation of the WSE criteria such as ensuring it is well documented and accessible.  

The teachers uses Microsoft Form to design the new digital School’s Daily Logbook. They ensure it is simple but yet pack with the needed information and include the ability to upload photos inside the report. Then they explain on how they extend the information gathered in the excel response online into custom sheet that provide more selective and useful data representation. Finally they designed it to one page report and uses excel data link to generate custom one page report based on data selected. All of this just by using the existing form responses. 

The solution is an excellent example on how school able to substitute their current way of doing to digital alternative which provide easier , more accessible and more useful data representation.

Video recording of their online Team presentation with EdTech Centre

Special mention entries

2nd Innovation Challenge at SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49

1st place winner - Cikgu Noorhayati

The problem statement for this solution is the need for easy access to Lesson plan, giving feedback, marksheets and sharing of TPA resources. Her proposed solution is by using OneNote and its features. By using Staff Notebook she can now have access to each of the teachers under her BTS TPA team so she can now give personalise feedback to each of the teacher. Have access to updated list of marksheets, timetable, Teacher Improvement Plan and Lesson plan. 

When compared to before the use of OneNote, she had to keep reminding the teachers to send her lesson plan and the marksheets prior to her observation but now the teachers can updated them in realtime. Feedback is now more faster and didnt have to wait to be physically available as now she can give feedbacks remotely white referring directly to the document.

Video recording of her online Team presentation with EdTech Centre

Special mention entries