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26 July 2021
Clinic Session under Digital Classroom Initiative
22 July 2021
at SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49
Centralised Digital Signage Survey
29 June 2021
at PTE as pilot school
Centralised Digital Signage Survey
28 June 2021
at JPP Department
Sharing Session on APEC E-Learning Training Program 2021

After 3 weeks joining the APEC E-Learning Training program hosted by IACE Korea. One of EdTech officer, Hj Kairulazhar shared his presentation with the department and the JPP on the development of policy that uses technology within the pandemic.

22 June 2021
Socialisation on the use of tablets and graphic drawing tablet

Delivery of tablets and graphic drawing tablets under the digital classroom initiatives. Followed up by the socialisation on the possible uses and its application with the teaching and learning.

7 June 2021
Innovation Team Course

Delivery of tutorial under Digital Classroom initiative. For this particular session, we are focusing on the use of Microsoft OneNote

March 2021
Delivered to SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49 , Tutong Sixth Form centre and Menglait Secondary School
Delivery for the Centralised Digital Signage

3 digital signage boards were successfully delivered at 3 schools on the 1st week of March 2021. 1 unit for each levels of education were determined; 2 units in Brunei Muara district and 1 unit in Tutong district. The rational of deploying to 3 different levels of school was to investigate and capture the impression and effect on digital education information and content from different demographics of school’s community. The distant between each school and their connectivity were considered in order to push information from the Public Relation Unit (PRU), MoE to schools. By mid of March, the proof of concept was successful as information can be circulated to the 3 schools in immediate manner. This can be a potential benefit to all schools or MoE’s departments across Brunei.

25 January 2021
for Innovation Team at SM SMJA
Innovation Team course on Microsoft Whiteboard
26th November 2020
for School Leaders at ICC
School Leaders Convention dialogue on Blneded Learning Framework and guideline

Facilitated by YM Tuan Shahrizal Bin Hj Emran, Head of EdTech Center. The aim of Activity 1 is to come up with one statement per table for Blended Learning. For each table, participants to log in onto Microsoft Teams and read the definitions that has been provided by other school leaders. Each table to come up with the commonalities. Once Identify the commonalities, each table to come up with ONE statement. For Activity 2 , Facilitator to share the findings of school leaders prework on their rationale of implementing blended learning in classroom.

25 November 2020
for School leaders at ICC
School leaders convention dialogue

Facilitated by YM Pg Hj Shaiffadzillah Bin Pg Hj Omaralli, EdTech Center. Pg Dr Shai shares with school leaders the concept of digital transformation leadership in regard to school management. Pg Dr Shai shares the objective of the session: The role  of school leadership in transforming the schools  we run now into the schools that we envision for  the future.

The topics that he will cover in Part 1 are :
- 21st Century learner-centred leadership
- Redesigning the School Design Model for the 21st Century
- Open discourse on Vision

The topics that he will cover in Part 2 are:
- Understanding the online teacher
- Understanding technology-enhanced learning and teaching practices

4th November 2020
for Innovation Team at SM SMJA
Innovation Team Course on supporting learning initiatives with Staff Teams

Around 22 teachers in Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam, SMJA had attended the 1st course under the Digital Classroom initiative. The course focuses on the introduction of Microsoft Teams , effective communications, data management and overall 

12 November 2020
at SR Lambak , Jln 49
A total of 50 teachers achieved recognition as Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) under digital classroom initiative

Other than that, the Education Technology Centre has introduced a competition platform called "Innovation Challenge" for the school's Innovation Team. Through this challenge, teachers are given the opportunity in using the "skillset" that has been learned to introduce digital solution for the problems encountered in school. The winner for the 1st Innovation Challenge was a team by Cikgu Haji Fairul and Cikgu Shamsul with their digital Form to replace the existing school daily log book.

5th October 2020
for Innovation Team at SR Lambak, Jln 49
Innovation Team course using OneNote Staff Notebook

The course aim to lead and model proper use of OneNote to promotes teamwork and collaboration work.  Within the course, the participants learnt on how to add custom sections and content to meet digital documentation and data for the school and allowing feedback amongst teachers and staff professionally to achieve school’s objectives

22 Sept 2020
at MOE New Building
Socialisation of LMS "TeachBrunei" to pilot schools
1st Sept 2020
for educators at SR Lambak, Jln 49
Educators Team Course using Microsoft Team

In this course, we look at how to create assignments, giving marks and feedbacks directly to the students. 

26th August 2020
For Innovation Team members at SR Lambak , Jln 49
Innovation Team Course on Microsoft Whiteboard

as a part of the innovation team course. we look at how Microsoft Whiteboard can be used as an effective tool to annotate and act as a substitution tool to replace mahjong paper or to convert regular projector to an interactive content and easily annotate and create remarks for discussion contents. By using Digital drawing tablet, user are able to annotate and scribe on the digital board to discuss and annotate the contents. Skillsets learn includes the use of all the tools in Microsoft Whiteboard, insert pages, documents into whiteboard and annotate it. Export to Teams directly and as images. We also looks at Google Jamboard as similar option as Microsoft Whiteboard do need Microsoft 10 as the minimum requirement and Google Jamboard is a viable options for the technology.

19 August 2020
for Educators at SR Lambak ,Jln 49
Revitalising 21st Centiry Teaching and Learning & Reflection on Learning Design

60 educators from SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49 undergoes a course for the exposure on 21 CTL and reflection on learning design. 

17 August 2020
for Innovation Team at SR Lambak, Jln 49
Supporting Learning Initiatives with Staff Teams

The course aims to teach how Microsoft Staff Teams can be used by administrators, leaders, and teachers to collaborate on school initiatives. Parts of the learning objectives around the course are to create own Staff Teams and PLC Teams and built around the needed capacity for immersive and effective communication channel.  Create focus and control communication, where projects or other school’s initiatives can be monitored in a channel for effective interaction. To demonstrate how teachers can collaborate and edit files together to achieve a purpose and goal via Team. Finally to strengthen in the area of Communication system (aspect:1.2.2) , ICT (aspect: 1.2.3) and Data Management (1.2.4) on MoE’s Whole School Evaluation’s (WSE) and improve to reach an acceptable conclusion regarding the provision of quality education according to leadership and management domain.

July 2020
First Engagement at SM SMJA
Socialisation of Digital Classroom at SM SMJA

SM SMJA was chosen after going through the school selection process to be involve in the Digital Classroom Initiative. Our head of EdTech Centre gave presentation on the overall overview on the initiative, expectations, timeline, supports and actionable items on the initiatives. The presentation was attended by the school's principal, deputies and innovation team. 

23 July 2020
Our first engagement
Socialisation of Digital Classroom at SR Lambak, Jln 49

A presentation was held at the school on the overview of the initiative by Head of EdTech Centre, Primarily focusing on the timeline, expectations, types of support, actionable items and others. SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49 was one of the 2 schools chosen to be a part of this pilot initiative.