Educational Software Evaluation Tool

To further support the educators and education institutions around Brunei Darussalam. EdTech Centre had created initiatives in assessing educational tools and softwares to ensure its efficiency is at its maximum and give direct impact to the learners themselves. Upon vigorous research and discussions, we come to term with 3 focus areas namely content and design, support materials and technical aspects. We had also divided the assessment tools into 3 user groups . Teachers, School Management Team and EdTech Centre. This in return provide the triangulation and allow us do an averaging based on the findings. The evaluation was converted into Microsoft Forms thus allows better accessibility and use of data via Microsoft Excel for further analysis. Below are the detail breakdown of the framework :

For EdTech Centre, we added few more areas to be assess such as licensing factors, cost benefit analysis, reporting tools, OS compatibility, assistive support , setup and installation etc. 

Below are example of a section inside the content and design, where the questions and assessment are comprehensive in terms of finding out the performance on each of these section

With input from all 3 user groups, we migrate it into our custom analysis pipeline by using Microsoft Excel. Utilising custom formulae and data representation , the final output is produced into visual data representation. This provide simpler representation of the analysis and help considerably in their choice of software/ app to be used in their teaching and learning. 


The final output is clean streamlined with necessary data and findings that provide an overview of the software/app performances.