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On 2nd May 2024, a group of teachers from Sekolah Menengah Menglait Gadong, led by Haji Huzaimi bin Haji Moksin, visited the Education Technology Centre. The main objective of the visit was to continue the Video-based Learning Resource (VBLR) Project in the TV Unit. During the visit, the teachers were particularly interested in the editing facilities, audio studios, green screen studios, and innovative Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Panel technology available at the centre.
The teachers had the opportunity to explore these topics in more depth, with discussions highlighting the significance and potential applications of these technologies in the classroom. The tour concluded with an engaging question and answer session, allowing the teachers to further enhance their understanding of the facilities and technologies available at the Education Technology Centre.
The teachers express the appreciation for the support given by the Education Technology Center in accommodating the visit from Sekolah Menengah Menglait Gadong. They're providing the teaching staff with valuable exposure to the facilities and infrastructure available at the centre, as well as the different video recording options that can enhance their teaching methods.