Featured Technology : Microsoft OneNote

Interactive guide on how Staff Notebook :

- promotes teamwork
- shares information
- provides a personalized workspace for each staff member

Fall in love with the right tools

I remember the first time I saw OneNote at the International Society for Technology in Education conference in 2014. I immediately fell in love with how OneNote makes it easy to organize things in sections and pages. Be selective about the technology you use and learn how other teachers are using that tool – then adjust and replicate. Find your favorite tools that empower you and your students. A couple of my favorites are OneNote Class Notebook and OneNote Staff Notebook, the latter of which helps teachers and staff collaborate to work more effectively. (If you’re new to OneNote, check out these tips and this webinar.)

Individual sections in Staff notebooks allow :

- Teachers to document their goals
- Teachers to keep track of their professional development
- Teachers to share lesson plans with administrators
- Administrators to provide feedback on lesson plans and classroom observations