Innovation Team Course

Supporting learning initiatives with staff Teams

School : SR Lambak Kanan, Jln 49
Date : 17th August 2020
Usergroup : Innovation Team
Technologies : Microsoft Teams
Supported WSE aspects : 1.2.2 Communication system, 1.2.4 Data Management, 1.2.3 ICT

The course aims to teach how Microsoft Staff Teams can be used by administrators, leaders, and teachers to collaborate on school initiatives. Parts of the learning objectives around the course are to create own Staff Teams and PLC Teams and built around the needed capacity for immersive and effective communication channel.  Create focus and control communication, where projects or other school’s initiatives can be monitored in a channel for effective interaction. To demonstrate how teachers can collaborate and edit files together to achieve a purpose and goal via Team. Finally to strengthen in the area of Communication system (aspect:1.2.2) , ICT (aspect: 1.2.3) and Data Management (1.2.4) on MoE’s Whole School Evaluation’s (WSE) and improve to reach an acceptable conclusion regarding the provision of quality education according to leadership and management domain.