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Figure 1: Maktab Duli MDPMAMB

Figure 2: Sekolah Menengah Katok B

Figure 3: Sekolah Menengah Rimba III

Figure 4: Sekolah Rendah Beribi Telanai

Figure 5: Sekolah Rendah Jerudong

Figure 6: Sekolah Rendah Dato Mohd Yassin

Figure 7: Sekolah Menengah Awang Semaun

Figure 8: Sekolah Rendah Saba Darat

Figure 9: Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 10

Figure 10: Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam

March 2024 - Education Technology Centre, Ministry of Education has conducted a socialisation visit to schools to brief on Edtech Centre's initiatives such as Digital Resource Management System (DRMS), MOE TV, Centralised Digital Signage and Smart Classroom. The main objective of the visit is to promote educational innovation and examine their readiness for future educational technology.

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Workshop E-Book at Maktab Duli PMAMB

Workshop E-Book at Maktab Duli PMAMB

by EdTech Centre

14th February 2024 - Education Technology Centre, Ministry of Education recently held a workshop at Maktab Duli to introduce teachers about e-book. E-books are a digital form to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to leverage the power of e-books in their classrooms, fostering a more engaging and interactive learning experience for their students. It is also for student learning, which embraces innovative tools to enhance student engagement and learning. They can provide differentiated instruction, recommend additional resources based on progress. The teachers from Maktab Duli expressed enthusiasm about exploring these resources further. It is to develop practical strategies for incorporating e-books into different subjects and learning styles. It is also to explore creative ways to use e-books for activities, discussions, and assessments. Education Technology Centre believe that e-book have the potential to revolutionize education by creating a more engaging and personalized learning experience for all students. The workshop concludes with a discussion and how e-books will work in the future in the use of e-books by the teachers and students.


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16th January 2024 - Maktab Duli (MDPMAMB) teacher's visit to the Education Technology Centre led by the principal, Dk. Hajah Nooramaliatifah binti Pg. Haji Ahmad. Their visit provided a valuable opportunity to showcase the innovative work happening within our centre and explore potential areas. A brief introduction in our department meeting area. Education Technology Centre provided a comprehensive overview of our team's role in this centre. We discussed our core projects and our long-term goals.

After the introduction, we began a tour of our department's workspace. We have assigned teachers to four groups according to bookmark colour. We showcase different areas where team members work together and tackle tasks. The teachers from Maktab Duli (MDPMAMB) seems very interested in editor rooms, audio studios, green screen studios, and Augmented Reality (AR)/ Interactive Panel. We took the opportunity to delve deeper into that aspect, explaining its importance and implications.

The tour ends with a question and answer session. 
Dk. Hajah Nooramaliatifah binti Pg. Haji Ahmad, the principal of Maktab Duli (MDPMAMB) gave some remarks and souvenirs to the Education Technology Centre.