Exploring Virtual Classroom Devices: Facilitating a Demonstration at PTE Meragang School

Date: 8th June 2023

We had the privilege of facilitating a demonstration on the use of virtual classroom devices at PTE Meragang School. The session brought together the school’s principal and teachers who are directly involved in the virtual classroom project.

As part of our role, we showcased how these devices can be utilized for various activities and in applicable scenarios for remote learning and teaching. The demonstration emphasized the incredible potential of virtual classroom devices to transform the educational experience.

During the interactive sessions, we guided the participants through engaging virtual lessons and seamless collaboration between students and teachers. It was inspiring to witness how these tools can bridge the gap between physical and remote learning environments.

This demonstration was a significant step in the train-the-trainer program, empowering these knowledgeable teachers to share their expertise with their peers. By equipping them with the skills to effectively use virtual classroom devices, we aim to facilitate the broader adoption of remote teaching methodologies throughout the school.

We extend our gratitude to PTE Meragang School for hosting this informative session. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the principal and teachers involved in the virtual classroom project were truly commendable. We are excited to continue supporting their efforts in shaping the future of education through virtual classroom devices.

Bengkel Pembentukan Kompetensi Khusus Fasa Tiga

Aktiviti Pembentukan Kompetensi bagi Pusat Teknologi Pendidikan . Antara agendanya adalah Introduction to MOE Competency Framework, Developing Specialized Competency using AKSM Mode dan juga Developing Job Competency Profile Matrix. Bengkel dijalankan pada 15 – 18 Mac 2023 bertempat di Training Room 1, Pusat Pembelajaran Sepangjang Hayat.