School Leaders Convention Dialogue- Blended Learning Framework and Guideline

School Leaders Convention Dialogue

Blended Learning Framework and Guideline

Venue : ICC
Date : 26th November 2020
Audiences : School Leaders

Facilitated by YM Tuan Shahrizal Bin Hj Emran, Head of EdTech Center. The aim of Activity 1 is to come up with one statement per table for Blended Learning. For each table, participants to log in onto Microsoft Teams and read the definitions that has been provided by other school leaders. Each table to come up with the commonalities. Once Identify the commonalities, each table to come up with ONE statement. For Activity 2 , Facilitator to share the findings of school leaders prework on their rationale of implementing blended learning in classroom.

For activity 3, participants in each table will be in pairs. Hence each table will have 3 groups. Each group will be using one laptop. Each group select a different article. (Each group can pick more than one article).  From their reading, each group to identify the different models of blended learning. For this Part 2 activity, each table will be only using one laptop to provide input. Mapping game: Facilitator to explain that there will be 7 situations and each table must identify and map the best model to suit the situation provided. Facilitators note: The situations are shown in colours below.

a. Situation 1 and 2: there is only enough devices for a fraction of a class
b. Situation 3 and 4: There is enough devices for all students in a class but not at home
c. Situation 5 to 7: Enough devices for all students to access during class and at home

There should be only one situation for each blended learning model.For this activity, each table will be only using one laptop to provide input. Each table will list out as many statements as they can on the slide deck on factors for successful implementation of blended learning in classroom / school.
Once listed, each table to group the statements into themes (Label the themes). To find out more on blended/hybrid learning, you may visit this page to learn more.